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Crossfit & Weightlifting Gifts for New Years Resolutioners

Gift Ideas for Weightlifters and CrossFitters

Yes it’s that time of year again when the people who have let their fitness slide decide to get back on the wagon. Some of them will go back to the global gyms and others will resolve to get fit at home. Regardless of which, let me see if I can suggest some items that will make great CrossFit, weightlifting, and general strength training gifts. Be it a family member or a friend we want them get those gains and achieve those goals; so get them a gift that shows your support.

Gift Idea #1: Weightlifting Shoes / Crossfit Shoes

Crossfit and weightlifting gifts - WL shoes

(left to right) Adidas Adipower WL Shoes, Rogue Do-Win WL Shoes, and the Reebok Crossfit Lifter Plus.

Whether the recipient is into Olympic lifting, Strongman, or CrossFit, there’s a perfect shoe out there for them. Shoes for these activities are just as important as shoes for soccer, rock climbing, and bowling (yeah, bowling), to name a few. Plus, who doesn’t like new shoes?

Rogue Fitness has the largest selection of Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit and training kicks anywhere; they’re like the Foot Locker of the lifting world. They carry Nike Romaleos, Inov-8, Reebok Nano, Reebok Lifter, Do-Wins, Adidas and more. With so many different brands available, you’re sure to find the right color, style, and size.

Weightlifting and Crossfit shoes start at about $80 and go as high as $300.

Gift Idea #2: Fancy Kettlebells

Rogue Kettlebells and Monster Bells

What a great gift for a home or garage gym. Gym junkies and CrossFitters alike can get all kinds of use out of kettlebells. Vulcan makes some of the nicest and best priced kettlebells out there. Their Training Kettlebells are basically lower-priced, uncolored competition bells. They have a nice flat underside for doing movements that involve keeping the kettles on the ground, and they are really accurate for not being comps. If you’re interested in discovering how to best shop for kettlebells, check out this post.


For those that have a dumbbell collection already and want an affordable way to turn those dumbbells into kettlebells, try this interesting clamp.

The Kettlebell Clamp at Rogue

The Kettleclamp turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell – $199

The Kettleclamp attaches to any dumbbell, barbell, or pull-up bar and can hold up to 1000 pounds. Turn that massive dumbbell collection you have into an equally impressive kettle collection. The KettleClamp is constructed entirely from cast aluminum and stainless steel. The KettleClamp is a strong, fast, safe, and durable; not to mention relatively affordable.

Gift Idea #3: Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Zojirushi 3-Cup Rice Cooker

Zojirushi 3-Cup Rice Cooker in stainless or black stainless steel – $140

If you’re going to work out hard, you need to eat right. A good diet includes rice, but boiling rice sucks and minute-rice is weird. This is the last rice cooker you’ll ever buy. I know this because it was the last rice cooker I ever bought. The Zojirushi Rice Cooker will keep rice hot and fresh for days. This bad boy quickly makes white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, and more. Add rice, water, turn it on and walk away.

I’m not BS’ing you. I’ve had mine for almost five years now and it still works perfectly. It even has a quick cook option in case you forgot to make rice before you started cooking.

Gift Idea #4: Cool Gym Apparel

Rogue Gym Apparel

Classy Workout Clothing from Rogue – ~$25 and up

You can never have too many training t-shirts, shorts, and pants. You really can’t go wrong buying training apparel unless you guess the size wrong. Grab apparel from the recipient’s favorite YouTube personalities store, equipment store, or even my own store if you’d like to support this site. If you don’t want to try and pick stuff out, just give them a gift card.

Gift Idea #5: Olympic Barbell

Burgener & Rippetoe Men's Bar from Rogue

Burgener & Rippetoe Men’s Bar – $205-$295 (15kg & 20kg)

If the New Years resolution involves working out at home rather than the gym, perhaps a new barbell is in order. You might be surprised how much owning a high-quality barbell will increase motivation, and probably even performance!

If you’ve read any of my reviews, you’ll know I’m a firm believer in buying quality exercise equipment rather than box store junk; so I’m not going to suggest cheapo bars. However, I will suggest the lowest price, quality barbell I know of. Check out the B&R Bar (Burgener & Rippetoe); available in a men’s 20kg and women’s 15kg. This is an amazing bar for the price. This bar is stronger than many bars twice it’s price. Check out my barbell review for more in depth information about these and a lot more bars here.

Gift Idea #6: Whey Protein

Gold Standard whey protein powder

Gold Standard Whey Isolate Protein Powder – $53 (5 lbs)

I’d love to suggest you buy lots of chicken and beef for a gift, but that’s probably a bit weird. That said, you can give protein powder. I suggest Gold Standard Whey. It’s my personal favorite option because it’s low calorie, high protein, has BCAA’s, and almost no fat; plus it tastes great. I must not be alone, it has like over 2600 positive reviews on Amazon and it’s Prime eligible too.

The double chocolate and banana creme are my personal favorites, but that’s just me. The banana creme tastes just like Muscle Milk’s banana, but doesn’t have all the fat that Muscle Milk has. It’s also my understanding that this is safe for lactose-intolerant folks, but double check that for yourself please. 

Gift Idea #7: The Rogue Butcher

weightlifting gifts - the rogue butcher sled

The Rogue Butcher (Sled) – $265

Forget cardio machines and jump ropes, give the sled a shot. Don’t let the picture trick you, it’s hard as hell. Use the sled to compliment any workout routine; Crossfit, lifting, you name it. Add this, and you’ll see quicker results.

The Butcher is 80 pounds naked and has multiple spots to push from. Technically you could also pull it behind you with straps. It’s made with 2″x3″ 11 gauge steel. Rogue doesn’t say how much weight those posts hold, but it sure looks like at least 600 pounds; which I know I couldn’t push even a couple feet.

The Ultimate Weightlifting Gifts Idea: A Gym

weightlifting gifts - garage gym package from Rogue

The most epic New Years Resolution gift ever – A garage gym – $?

Is this the coolest New Years Resolution gift ever/ Nothing says how special someone is more than a full garage gym package! Maybe a car, but that’s not appropriate for this post.

The package in the picture is the W-4 Garage Gym package from Rogue. Rogue has a ton to choose from other than this one.

For some more last minute Christmas gift ideas, see my Xmas weightlifting gifts post.

Happy New Years! No matter what your resolutions are, I wish you luck in 2014!

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