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Review for the Rep Fitness Rubber-Coated Hex Dumbbells with fixed-diameter handles

This is a review of the Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells by Rep Fitness, a new and improved version of that classic garage gym dumbbell that we all know and love; mostly because it is what most of us can afford. In this article I am going to discuss what makes the Rep version of this implement [...]

New S&C Equipment Spring 2018 - bars, plates, and more

There have been a lot of new equipment releases this spring, and a great number of them are definitely worth sharing. Of course, there always seem to be more new products than I can fit into a single post, but I am going to share some of the more interesting releases with you. You know, [...]

Vulcan Stainless Steel Absolute Power Bare Review

This is the long-awaited review for Vulcan Strength's new Stainless Steel Absolute Power Bar; the ridiculously strong, pleasantly aggressive, oxidation resistant beast that is literally 100% stainless steel - so long as you don't count the end caps. One only has to look at the images of this bar to see that it's a beautiful [...]

Garage Gyms Flags now available at the Garage Gyms Store

For the most part I try to keep the Garage Gyms Store pretty low key here on the main site. That is, I am not trying to cover this site with advertisements for my own products because I don't want to distract from the content that really matters; all the equipment guides, product reviews, and other [...]

Should You Pay For Shipping on Heavy Gym Equipment

This article goes into an unnecessary amount of detail about the pros & cons of both paying for your shipping, and receiving "free shipping" on those heavy equipment products (power racks, large plate sets, benches, bars, packages, etc.) It is intended for those new to buying strength equipment, or anyone who thinks free shipping is [...]


This is a comprehensive review for the Strength Shop Bastard Power Bar, a mid-range bar that can be purchased both in the USA and in most of Europe from one of Strength Shop's many domains. The Bastard Power Bar retails for US$275 but it can be found on sale fairly regularly (at least that is [...]

Comprehensive Change Plate Review - Rep Fitness Rubber-Coated Kilo

This is a review of Rep Fitness' new rubber-coated Kilogram Change Plates. While not the most complicated of products to review, the lower pricing and high level of interest in these plates made them worth checking out more thoroughly. In this review I will cover the basic specifications of these plates, design features, and plate [...]

Quick Look at the Arm Blaster - Review

I want to take a look at the Arm Blaster, a strength training accessory that has made quite a comeback as of late. The Arm Blaster is a piece of curved aluminum about 24" long and 4" high that is designed to be worn around the neck when performing bicep curls. The Blaster keeps your [...]

Rogue New Cerakote Athlete Bars

Rogue has introduced five new Cerakote Athlete Bars; one Ohio Power Bar, two Ohio Bars, and two Bella Bars. They feature colorways specific to the very athlete they represent, and they include some artwork as well. Despite there being only one Ohio Power Bar (the 'Thor' Edition), there are two versions; a 20 kg and [...]

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Everything you need to build a powerlifting-style garage gym

If your programming is centered around the bench press, squat, and deadlift and you have been chasing bigger and bigger numbers in these three lifts training session after training session, then regardless of whether you ever intend to compete or not you are basically a powerlifter. Well how'd you like to train at home rather [...]

Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates Review

I bought something like 230 kilograms of the Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates back during the 2017 Black Friday sale, and aside from realizing almost immediately that I didn't order quite enough weight I have been completely happy with this purchase. I wanted to take a couple minutes and write a short review on these plates [...]

Global Gym Memberships versus a Garage Gym - the Numbers

I tend to believe that; if given the option; most serious and resolute strength athletes would prefer to have a gym right there in their own garage rather than have to pay monthly rent at a commercial gym or a CrossFit box. Even those lifters who do not necessarily disfavor the global gym as a [...]

SABO GoodLift Powerlifting Shoes Review

This is a full review of SABO's newest lifting kicks; the GoodLift Powerlifting Shoes. The GoodLifts are designed primary for the deadlift but are also perfectly good shoes to wear when bench pressing, and for squats if you prefer to squat in shoes without a raised heel. These are flat, offered in two different colors, [...]

Welcome to 2018 - see upcoming events and new equipment releases

We survived another year, and there's nothing wrong with that. Welcome to 2018! Have you resolved to do anything different or special this year? Did you set any training or diet goals? Maybe work or relationship goals? I wish you luck in all cases! So what's new, and what's happening in the near future? Take [...]


This is volume II of the Equipment Reviews Revisited series. In case you missed volume I and don't know what these articles are about, let me fill you in... In this article I will take two previously reviewed pieces of equipment and briefly reevaluate them. I'll discuss how each product has held up over time, what [...]