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Welcome to Garage-Gyms, your one stop resource for all things home and garage gyms. Here you’ll find tons of comprehensive, unbiased reviews including dozens of bar reviews, pricing guides for the most commonly purchased pieces of garage gym equipment, a large community taking part in productive discussion, inspiration & ideas for your gym, and so much more.


With decades of training experience and five years experience managing this site, I think you’ll find lots of useful and impartial information within these pages. Feel free to contribute with a comment or ask me a question directly.


Welcome to Garage Gyms


A Guide to Buying Steel Powerlifting Plates/Discs

With bumper plate options more than covered across the Internet (here included), I figured it was time to tackle the options for standard weight plates, coated plates, and powerlifting discs. In this guide I’ll cover multiple styles, numerous brands, and offer up enough product examples for you to be able to evaluate any brand or style of plate you happen to stumble upon in your quest for iron.

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Everything you need to build a powerlifting-style garage gym

If your programming is centered around the bench press, squat, and deadlift and you have been chasing bigger and bigger numbers in these three lifts training session after training session, then regardless of whether you ever intend to compete or not you are basically a powerlifter. Well how’d you like to train at home rather than at the global gym?

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Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates Review

I bought something like 230 kilograms of the Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates back during the 2017 Black Friday sale, and aside from realizing almost immediately that I didn’t order quite enough weight I have been completely happy with this purchase. I wanted to take a couple minutes and write a short review on these plates for any of you who are on the fence about buying any of the nicer steel powerlifting plates for your gym.

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Barbell Review Table of Contents - Garage Gyms

It was recommended to me that I keep a running list of all my barbell reviews, and even go so far as to perhaps comment on which bars were kept in the gym and which weren’t. Well I thought that was a fantastic idea, so here is a list of all the barbell reviews found on Garage Gyms along with a brief summary, links to the full review, and links to the product itself.

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Global Gym Memberships versus a Garage Gym - the Numbers

I tend to believe that; if given the option; most serious and resolute strength athletes would prefer to have a gym right there in their own garage rather than have to pay monthly rent at a commercial gym or a CrossFit box. Even those lifters who do not necessarily disfavor the global gym as a training environment no doubt still see the benefit of having 24-hour instant access to their own private weight room; a gym with no queues, no crowds, no dues and no distractions.

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SABO GoodLift Powerlifting Shoes Review

This is a full review of SABO’s newest lifting kicks; the GoodLift Powerlifting Shoes. The GoodLifts are designed primary for the deadlift but are also perfectly good shoes to wear when bench pressing, and for squats if you prefer to squat in shoes without a raised heel. These are flat, offered in two different colors, and available in men’s sizes 39-46 (Russian sizing); or approximately 7½’s – 13’s American.

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Welcome to 2018 - see upcoming events and new equipment releases

We survived another year, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Welcome to 2018! Have you resolved to do anything different or special this year? Did you set any training or diet goals? Maybe work or relationship goals? I wish you luck in all cases!

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This is volume II of the Equipment Reviews Revisited series. In case you missed volume I and don’t know what these articles are about, let me fill you in…

In this article I will take two previously reviewed pieces of equipment and briefly reevaluate them. I’ll discuss how each product has held up over time, what I think about it now x years later, and if I even still use that particular item. If I don’t; why not? It’s pretty straightforward.

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Vulcan Strength Pro Hex Rubber-Coated Dumbbell Review

You probably wouldn’t think that there was a whole that could be done to improve upon the rubber hex dumbbell short of just lowering the cost, right? That is to say, assuming that you select a reputable brand (one that permanently affixes the heads to the handles) they are a very affordable and durable dumbbell without much in the way of issues or complaints. The head shape is user-friendly, weight accuracy is better than cast iron, the ergonomic handles aren’t amazing but they are acceptable, and most importantly, the price is right.

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The new Rogue Pyrros Olympic Weightlifting Bar

Did you notice the release of the new Rogue Pyrros Bar a couple of days ago? The Pyrros is yet another addition to Rogue’s constantly expanding list of true 28mm Olympic WL bars; bar number six in the current Olympic bar line-up (in case you’re wondering.) It will make its home alongside the Rogue Euro, both versions of the Rogue Oly Bar (original and stainless steel), the Russian Bar, and the bushing-based Olympic Trainer. That is a lot of weightlifting bars; more than Eleiko even.

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Thompson Fat Pad versus Titan Hefty Bench Pad

I’ve been a big fan of the Thompson Fat Pad since the very first time I benched on one. It’s wider, longer, thicker, denser, and more supportive than any other bench pad I’ve ever seen or used. In addition to all that it has a unique, heavy-duty “grabber” vinyl cover that prevents any slipping or sliding around on the pad; a surprisingly uncommon feature for bench pads.

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Garage Gym Lighting Ideas - Brighten up Your Gym

Is your garage gym too dark and gloomy at night? or during the winter when you don’t dare open that garage door and let what little warmth there is out? Can you see the hash marks on your barbell when you lay down to bench inside your power rack? Can you spot rubber hex dumbbells against the black flooring?

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2017 Gift ideas for CrossFitters, Weightlifters, and Strength Athletes

Welcome back! Looking for the perfect gift for the garage gym athlete in your life, or maybe a gift idea for yourself? I’ve got a ton of gift ideas for CrossFitters, weightlifters, powerlifters, fitness enthusiasts, and strength athletes of all types. From big gifts that’ll ensure your gift is the best gift, to smaller, more affordable gifts and stocking stuffers.

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Garage Gyms Review - Custom Pioneer Power Belt

I recently ordered and received a fancy 10 mm powerlifting belt from Pioneer (aka General Leathercraft). I’ve been wanting to do more with the Garage Gyms branding for a while now and I figured putting the site name across my favorite power belt was a great place to start. Now that I have it in my hands, I figured I’d take some time to show it off while also praising Pioneer for all the great work that they do.

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Stainless Steel Barbells and Rust

Stainless steel barbells and rust - prevention, maintenance, removal

Is there truly a benefit to having a stainless steel barbell over a bare steel bar? Is stainless steel really rust-proof or does it just take longer to rust? Why am I paying all this extra cash for stainless if I still have to “maintain” my stainless steel bar?

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