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Garage Gym Lighting Ideas - Brighten up Your Gym

Is your garage gym too dark and gloomy at night? or during the winter when you don’t dare open that garage door and let what little warmth there is out? Can you see the hash marks on your barbell when you lay down to bench inside your power rack? Can you spot rubber hex dumbbells [...]


Stainless Steel Barbells and Rust

Stainless steel barbells and rust - prevention, maintenance, removal

Is there truly a benefit to having a stainless steel barbell over a bare steel bar? Is stainless steel really rust-proof or does it just take longer to rust? Why am I paying all this extra cash for stainless if I still have to “maintain” my stainless steel bar? If you’ve asked yourself any or [...]

Quick and Easy Rust Removal for Bare Steel Barbells

Anyone who owns a bare steel bar probably already knows that it takes regular oilings and brushing to keep these raw bars free of rust. We all know it, but not everyone does it; or at least not as often as they should. If you are one who tends to neglect this minor chore long [...]

How to repair/fix/upgrade your Spud Econo Lat & Tricep Pulley system

About a year back I published a positive review for the Spud Inc Econo Lat & Tricep Pulley. I praised it for its ease of use, versatility, and low price. I even went so far as to refer to it as one of the best garage gym accessories on the market for under $100. Well you will be happy to [...]

DIY Lat Machine for Garage Gyms

This is a simple and brief DIY guide on how to convert your anchored power rack into a lat tower using the Spud Inc Econo Pulley and some basic rack components. This conversion is very simple to set up, yet it gives you access to heavy lat pulldowns and cable rows; just to name a couple. This [...]

DIY Guide for building super strong Pulling Blocks

I’ve never actually had my own pulling blocks here at the house. If ever I wanted to do any work with blocks I either needed to head up north to the weightlifting gym, or stack up some bumper plates and use those as makeshift blocks. Stacking plates is alright in that at does allow for easy height [...]

DIY Barbell Rack - Space Saving Vertical Gun Rack

My garage gym has only a single, three-bar gun rack, and I own more than three bars. I’ve been carefully leaning bars against the walls and even leaving some in an unused corner on the floor (rubber floors, don’t worry!) Since I like to keep my gym looking nice and clean, not having a place [...]

How to heat your garage gym

Are you looking for a way to warm up your garage gym this winter? A way to make it a tad more comfortable? Maybe at least take the edge off? I thought so! Let’s talk about heating your garage gym. There’s no two ways about it, heading out into the garage to work out when it’s [...]

Learn some DIY tips for working with stall mats in your garage gym

I do not have to tell most of you garage gym and CrossFit affiliate & gym owners where to get durable rubber flooring for not a lot of cash. That’s right, horse stall mats! Stall mats are easily your most affordable option for gym flooring; flooring that you’ll never have to replace or service, mind you. At $1.66 [...]

Get your garage gym organized. Bumper Plate storage ideas

When I first got started building out my garage gym I didn’t include a plate storage solution in my budget. Matter of fact, it never even occurred to me when I was planning – I was just excited to get my power rack, plates, and the rest of my gear. Needless to say, it didn’t [...]

Instructional Guide for making Hanging Storage System

This overhead storage system guide was originally created by and posted at The Family Handyman. All the content and image credit goes to them. Preface I wanted to share this hanging storage system guide because I think this is an extremely cool idea that takes some of the unused space in your garage and puts [...]

DIY Adjustable Squat Boxes / Plyo Boxes

This article was originally published by Kristoffer Lindqvist on Tsampa.Org. I wanted to include this DIY adjustable squat box guide because not only does this squat box look sturdy as hell, but I see no reason why this couldn’t also be used as an adjustable plyometric box as well. Kristoffer is not big on the details when [...]

garage gym organization - clean it up

Keeping normal garage stuff out of your garage gym is much easier said than done. Just because we’ve set up a gym in our garage doesn’t mean all the tools, storage boxes, and landscaping crap that was kept in the garage gets to go inside the house; especially if you are not single. If you’re [...]