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Olympic Bar Reviews

Gymway USA Elite Olympic Weightlifting Bar Comprehensive Review

This is a review of the Elite Weightlifting Bar – an Olympic training bar that’s manufactured by one of the most established and experienced bar manufacturers that you have probably never heard of; a Taiwanese company called Gymway. Gymway has been producing mid-range and high-performance, private-label bars for many years now; longer than most of [...]

A Comprehensive Knurling Guide for Power, Olympic, WOD and Multi-Purpose Bars

This article is a work in progress. Normally I wouldn’t publish an incomplete article, but its completion is dependent on my readers knowing of its existence and contributing to it.  I have been writing articles and equipment reviews for this site for well over five years now, and in that time I’ve been asked hundreds [...]

Full review of the Iron Company 5150 Olympic Hybrid Bearing Bar

This is a review of the Iron Company 5150 Olympic Weightlifting Bar; a new 20 kg, 28 mm, multi-purpose bar that has many premium features, a fair price, and specifications that rival some of today’s most popular mid-range Olympic and WOD bars. On paper this bar is definitely promising; offering us versatility, durability, and a [...]

Eleiko NxG Performance Weightlifting Bar Review

This is an in-depth review of the new Eleiko NxG Performance Weightlifting Bar. This bar is offered as premium, less expensive alternative to the Eleiko IWF Training and Competition weightlifting bars for the sole purpose of training the Olympic lifts. The Performance WL Bar is functionally no different than its more expensive big brothers. It [...]

Eleiko Power Lock Olympic Bar Reveal

The new Eleiko Power Lock Bar is a unique and rather interesting take on the classic Eleiko Training Bar. Matter of fact, the Power Lock is really just a variant of the Eleiko Training Bar. They share all the same hardware, same specifications, and high level of performance; only the new Power Lock has deep grooves cut into [...]

The American Barbell SS Olympic Bearing Bar

This is a review of what is now officially the most magnificent and functional Olympic bar in my garage gym, the American Barbell Stainless Steel Olympic Bar. In addition to taking an awfully close look at this stainless steel beast over the last 45-days, I have asked American Barbell a lot of technical questions regarding construction as well. [...]

New Dmitry Klokov Barbell

I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to test the new Klokov Olympic Barbell before it launches. In the last four weeks I’ve made it a point to use the Klokov any chance I could to get a really good feel for the bar, and a good feel for it I believe I have! In case [...]