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AB SS WOD Bar Review

In the last couple months, I've been asked about the American Barbell Stainless Steel WOD Bar more that I've been asked about any other bar. Why? Because the price for this bar is just stupid low. Stainless steel bars are never sold for $299, and people want to know whether this bar is legit or not. Truth be told, [...]

Specialty weightlifting bars shopping guide

There is a great variety of specialty weightlifting bars on the market to supplement your workouts with. Maybe you've already seen some weird looking bar at one of the gyms and wondered what it was called, what it was for, or where you could get one. I'm going to give you a brief tour of [...]

Women's Olympic Barbell Review and Shopping Guide

Welcome to the Women's Olympic Barbell Guide. This article is more or less an extension of my original Barbell Guide, only the focus here is on women's 15 kg barbells instead of what is mostly 20 kg bars in the original. The original guide has a very thorough opening section that explains the basics of barbell construction [...]

Vulcan Elite 3.0 Olympic Bar Review

The Vulcan Elite is a 28 mm bushing bar designed specifically for Olympic weightlifting. It is the more affordable "training" version of the $600 Vulcan Professional Bearing Bar, with the biggest differences being the use of bushings instead of bearings, and the price. In terms of classification, the Vulcan Elite is much like the American Barbell [...]

Team Bar 2.0 Barbell Review

This is a review for the newest adaptation of the Again Faster Team Bar, the 2.0. Just a heads up, I have no hands-on experience with the previous Team Bars, so there won't be any comparisons between the original bar or version 1.2. Consider this a stand alone review for the 2.0. The following Team Bar specs are direct from Again [...]

Review for the Vulcan Standard Olympic Bar

This is a review for none other than the fourth Vulcan bar that I've reviewed here at Garage Gyms; the Vulcan Standard Olympic Bushing Bar.  I previously reviewed the Elite, the One, and the Black Bearing, and I think that it's safe to say that the Elite and this Standard are my favorites. Granted, these two are the more [...]

The Vulcan 28.5 mm Training Bearing Bar Review

This is a review for the Vulcan 28.5 mm Training Bearing Bar, which is nearly identical to the previous Vulcan bar that I reviewed, the Vulcan One. The major difference between these two bars is that the Vulcan One is a bushing bar, and this is a needle bearing bar. I strongly suggest that you take a look at my Vulcan [...]

Barbells designed for Crossfit

There are a lot of different barbells out there. There are bars intended for the Olympic lifts; bars for powerlifting; and even bars simply for learning and practicing technique. But what about CrossFit barbells? Since CrossFit utilizes the Olympic lifts, it should come as no surprise that the Olympic bar has been the best match. [...]

The American Barbell SS Olympic Bearing Bar

This is a review of what is now officially the most beautiful Olympic bar in my garage gym, the American Barbell Stainless Steel Olympic Bar. Not only have I taken a very close look at this bar myself over the last month and a half, but I have asked American Barbell a lot of technical questions about its construction as well. [...]

The Rogue Matt Chan Bar Review

Before I start this Chan Bar review, let me start off by saying that I am extremely excited about this particular review. I'm excited because it looks like this will be one of those rare articles in which I do not need to have a section for listing the negatives. I think this one will be entirely positive. [...]