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New Cerakote Athlete Ohio & Bella Bars from Rogue

Rogue New Cerakote Athlete Bars

Rogue has introduced five new Cerakote Athlete Bars; one Ohio Power Bar, two Ohio Bars, and two Bella Bars. They feature colorways specific to the very athlete they represent, and they include some artwork as well. Despite there being only one Ohio Power Bar (the ‘Thor’ Edition), there are two versions; a 20 kg and a 45-lb option. The athletes represented are:

Aside from their Cerakote finishes and custom colorways, these bars are identical to their original counterparts; so I won’t get into all the specification specifics here.

Thor Edition – Rogue Ohio Power Bar

 Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson Cerakote Ohio Power Bar

The Thor Edition of the Ohio Power Bar is a tribute to Hafthor Bjornsson’s seven-year reign as Iceland’s Strongest Man. The black Cerakote shaft of this design features the Icelandic flag to the right of the center knurl and the nickname THOR in white to the left. It’s available in both a 45-lb and 20-kilo version – with the 45-lb version being totally finished in Cerakote and the 20-kg version having chromed sleeves.

Fraser Edition – Rogue Ohio Bar

The Mat Fraser Cerakote Ohio Athlete Bar

The Fraser Edition of the Ohio Bar is a tribute to the 2016 and 2017 “Fittest Man on Earth”, Mat Fraser, and he is represented here with his own distinct colorway: red Cerakote finish on the shaft with black Cerakote sleeves. The center of the shaft features Fraser’s “Hard Work Pays Off” slogan in black.

Froning Edition – Rogue Ohio Bar

The Rich Froning Cerakote Ohio Athlete Bar

The Froning Edition Ohio Bar is back, still in all black, but this time in black Cerakote. This blacked-out design is a tribute to the four-time “Fittest Man on Earth.” A white Froning “R*” logo is also centered on one side of the shaft with a silver Rogue logo on the other.

Toomey Edition – The Bella Bar

The Tia-Clair Toomey Cerakote Bella Athlete Bar

The Toomey Edition of the Bella is a tribute to the 2017 “Fittest Woman on Earth” Tia-Clair Toomey. It features a blue Cerakote shaft finish with black Cerakote sleeves. The center of the shaft features Tia’s arrow logo in white with the Rogue logo in black on the opposite side.

Davidsdottir Edition – The Bella Bar

The Katrin Davidsdottir Cerakote Bella Athlete Bar

The Davidsdottir Edition is a tribute to Iceland native and 2-time CrossFit Games champ Katrin Davidsdottir. She is represented here with a frost-white Cerakote finish on the shaft, contrasted with black Cerakote sleeves. The center of the shaft features Katrin’s wolf logo (in blue) on one side and a black Rogue logo on the other.

Rogue Athlete Cerakote Bars

These are the first five Rogue Cerakote Athlete Bars, but I expect we’ll see more of these in the future. What do you think? Would you buy these over their standard counterparts? I like the idea of Cerakote shaft and chrome sleeves on the Ohio Power Bar personally.


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  • alanliev78 February 25, 2018, 2:16 pm

    I know Cerakote on guns since 2012 in my shooting club ( now i own one ,a rifled 12 gauge) and its the best paint finish of world (diffferent of precarious duracoat just good for airsoft)
    ….im sure than durability on bar is same level than on weapon, because weapons whip on even shoot…(i know a 300 weatherby magnum rifle no heavy but light hunting barrel with Cera surface …after several hundreds of shoot its like new…and this type of gun is on of more whippy barrel !!! Im sur cerakote can everlast on a bar !!!
    its smart idea!

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