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Crossfit Equipment Packages

Are you interested in joining the Crossfit revolution, but you have no equipment? I can give you some guidance on what gear you need to get started. Or are you already into Crossfit but you want to do your WOD’s at home rather than at the box, and you want to know the best places to buy the gear? I can help you with that too.

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Bumper plates sets comparison and shopping guide

In need of some new bumper plates for your garage gym or affiliate? Whether you’re just getting started and buying your very first bumper plates set, looking for an upgrade to your existing weights, or you just need access to more weights than you currently own, this post should help. I have scoured the net for the best prices on sets for standard black bumpers, training bumpers, and competition bumpers from reputable vendors. I have considered bumper plates sets from all the major manufacturers and found what I believe to be the best prices on bumper plate sets.

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The Vulcan 28.5 mm Training Bearing Bar Review

This is a review for the Vulcan 28.5 mm Training Bearing Bar, which is nearly identical to the previous Vulcan bar that I reviewed, the Vulcan One. The major difference between these two bars is that the Vulcan One is a bushing bar, and this is a needle bearing bar.

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Rogue R3 Power Rack product review

For the last three years or so I’ve had a Rogue R4 power rack in my garage gym (many of you have no doubt seen my glowing review for the R4), and in that time I haven’t had a single issue, problem, or complaint with or about the R4. It has served me well. I even purchased many accessories for it; all of which work wonderfully and get used regularly. However, despite my respect for the R4, I’ve replaced it with the smaller Rogue R3 Power Rack.

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Technique Plates vs 10-pound bumper plates

Aside from pricing, one of the biggest factors that people consider when shopping for basic bumper plates is how durable the lighter, 10-pound plates are. Anyone who has been around bumpers for any length of time knows that those 10’s are the first discs to end up in the trash due to warping and/or steel inserts popping out. People want to know that whatever brand they end up with is going to include 10-pound bumpers (and to a lesser extent, the 15-pound plates) that can withstand some decent abuse before turning into a taco shell.

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Olympic collar buying guide

Well maybe Olympic collars aren’t the most important piece of equipment ever, but I didn’t want a boring title for a kinda boring article. =)

This is a simple guide to pretty much all of your Olympic collar options, and there are many! Other than to mention that I cover both the basic 50 mm (~2″) collars and professional, weighted Olympic collars (no 1″ collars covered), this guide really doesn’t need much of an introduction.

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Barbells designed for Crossfit

There are a lot of different barbells out there. There are bars intended for the Olympic lifts; bars for powerlifting; and even bars simply for learning and practicing technique. But what about Crossfit barbells?

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The American Barbell SS Olympic Bearing Bar

This is a review of what is now officially the coolest Olympic bar in my garage gym, the American Barbell Stainless Steel Olympic Bar. Not only have I taken a very close look at this bar myself over the last month and a half, but I have asked American Barbell a lot of technical questions about its construction as well. I am hopeful that you will finish reading this review knowing all that there is to know about this Olympic bar.

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DIY Barbell Rack - Space Saving Vertical Gun Rack

My garage gym has only a single, three-bar gun rack, and I own more than three bars. I’ve been carefully leaning bars against the walls and even leaving some in an unused corner on the floor (rubber floors, don’t worry!) Since I like to keep my gym looking nice and clean, not having a place to put these bars was getting on my nerves, so I made myself a DIY barbell rack.

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Vulcan One Basic Olympic Bar Review

Welcome! This is a review for the new Vulcan One Basic 28.5 mm Olympic Barbell; my very first Vulcan bar. I’m pretty excited about finally having a Vulcan bar to play around with; I’ve been researching them for some time now, and have heard many good things.

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New Barbell Reviews Coming Soon

Bar Reviews in the works - Vulcan and American Barbell

Barbell reviews upcoming/completed.

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The Rogue Matt Chan Bar Review

Before I start this Chan Bar review, let me start off by saying that I am extremely excited about this particular review. I’m excited because it looks like this will be one of those rare articles in which I do not need to have a section for listing the negatives. I think this one will be entirely positive.

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