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Comprehensive Guide to Eleiko NxG Barbells

Eleiko recently announced the NxG Collection; the newest generation of world-class Eleiko barbells. This extensive guide is my attempt to consolidate all there is to know about both the NxG Collection, and the entire Eleiko barbell line-up.

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Vulcan EZ Curl Bar Full Review

Vulcan Curl Bar Review

When I heard that Vulcan Strength was going to offer an EZ curl bar, I was intrigued. When I finally saw the specifications and the very low $139 price tag of that curl bar, I knew that I had to get my hands on one and check it out. So I did, and this is my take on it.

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Preview of Rogue Dumbbell Bumper Plates

Have you seen the new Dumbbell Bumpers from Rogue? What do you think about them?

These colorful rubber discs are designed specifically for use with Rogue’s DB-10 and DB-15 Dumbbell Handles. They are offered in six different increments ranging from 10 to 55 pounds (the same as regular bumper plates) but they are only 9″ in diameter. In addition to being compact and just bad ass looking, they appear to be far more cost-effective than buying pairs of Rogue Change Plates; which is what many have been doing.

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Full review of the IronMaster Super Bench

The IronMaster Super Bench has been a fairly popular adjustable economy bench over the years. Used mostly in home and garage gyms, it’s one of the few decent alternatives to commercial-grade adjustable benches for beginner to intermediate lifters. It’s versatile, strong, relatively affordable, and for the average lifter the pros tend to outweigh the cons.

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Eleiko Updates - new NxG Generation of bars and re-branding

Eleiko has been busy!

Many of you have already seen the new Eleiko logo and updated Eleiko website. Did you also know that Eleiko is in the process of releasing the next generation of Eleiko barbells? How about the fact that for a limited time you can buy a fully certified IWF Competition Bar for the cost of the IWF Trainer? Well consider yourself informed!

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Vulcan Professional Olympic Bearing Bar Review

This is a review for the Vulcan Professional Olympic Bar, one of the most competitively priced high-performance Oly bars on the market. Priced at only $599, the Pro boasts a ton of premium features including high tensile and yield ratings, great whip, smooth spin, and a beautiful, industrial chrome finish. While it should be obvious that this is a lot of bar for the money, most lifters are still going to want to know how well the Vulcan Professional compares to the heavyweights.

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I don’t always want to dedicate 1000-plus words to each and every product I purchase. I also sometimes want to highlight a new product without having to actually purchase it. That is why I occasionally do articles like this one. I can announce some new products of interest and do reviews for products that don’t need a whole lot of dissection and analysis all in one consolidated post. In this article I’ll be discussing the following products:

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Rep Fitness FID Adjustable Bench Full Review

This is an in-depth review of the Rep Fitness Adjustable Bench; one of the few adjustable benches that manages to pull off flat, incline, and decline without costing a fortune. It has a wide range of settings, comfortable pads, and a strong, heavy-gauge steel frame. It’s not a commercial bench, but it’s solid, versatile, and priced attractively for the home and garage gym market. Could it be the ideal adjustable bench for your gym? We’ll see!

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The Thompson Fat Pad Review

Donnie Thompson Fat Pad Review

The Thompson Fat Pad is a replacement pad for flat utility benches and commercial benching stations. It was developed by legendary powerlifter and equipment guru, Donnie Thompson, in an effort to overhaul the simple, narrow pads typically found on benches. Essentially, Donnie wanted to create a pad that maximized power in the bench press while simultaneously reducing the risk of bench press-related injuries – and after many years of research and testing, the Fat Pad was born.

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The E-Maxx Bar (aka “the SuperQuake”) is a member of Bandbell’s Bamboo Bar family of bars – a line of hand-made specialty barbells designed around the principle of Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE). The SuperQuake has the same hardened ash & composite resin shaft as the original Bamboo and Earthquake Bar, but because it’s over 6″ longer and has 33% more band capacity, the SuperQuake allows for more weight and has greater kinetic energy potential.

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