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Compare Olympic barbells, power bars, CrossFit bars, Junior bars and more

Welcome to the Olympic and Powerlifting Barbell Review. If you’re in the market for a quality barbell, or you’re looking to learn the basics of barbell construction, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a man, woman, or youngster; or whether you’re looking for an Olympic bar, power bar, CrossFit bar, or just a general purpose bar, you will find information on a large selection of the bars currently on the market. With any luck, this article will help you find the perfect bar for you and your garage gym.

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Just a heads up, there are about 70 different shoes on clearance at Rogue right now. Pretty much all makes and models; Adidas, Reebok, Nike, and Inov-8. Prices are really low on some of them; as low as $25. Sizes and colors are going to be hit or miss, but you may just get lucky. Good luck!

Rogue Fitness Shoe Clearance

Ohio Power Bar Review

About a year ago, Rogue Fitness released the Ohio Power Bar; a bar that would completely replace the Rogue Power Bar; Rogue’s only self-branded powerlifting bar. With only two unique power bars being sold by Rogue at the time (Rogue PowerWestside Power), and both of them having all-too-similar specifications, the addition of the Ohio Power Bar was much needed. Why though?

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Lat & Tri pulley system by Spud Inc.

A few months ago I picked up what is easily one of the greatest and most reasonably priced garage gym accessories available; the Lat & Tricep Pulley from Spud Inc. I believe that this cable system is hands down the best $85 that I’ve spent on a piece of equipment in a long time and I felt that it deserved to be praised for a few minutes.

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CAP OB-86B Olympic Bar Review

CAP OB-86B Review - Olympic Barbell

This is a review of the infamous CAP OB-86B Olympic bar. The OB-86B is a fairly popular lower-end import bar sold at sporting good stores, online fitness outlets, and of course, Amazon. This bar retails for around $140-$150, and it’s the least expensive bar currently reviewed on this site.

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Bar review for the Super Power Bar

This is a review for the Super Power Bar, a high tensile strength, stainless steel power bar manufactured by American Barbell.

First I want to say that I hope a power bar will be a welcomed addition to the collection of barbell reviews here at Garage Gyms. The bars that generally get attention on this site are either dual-marked, multi-purpose bars, or Olympic WL bars. Since I am fairly certain that there are just as many big-three lifters out there in those garage gyms as there are Oly lifters, and since I personally get much more joy out of the deadlift than I do the snatch, I figure that a power bar review is probably long overdue.

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Find a Bar for Starting Strength

One of the most commonly followed strength training programs for those working out in a garage gym is Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, a simple and effective strength training program that focuses exclusively on compound barbell movements. Starting Strength (SS) is popular not only because it offers relatively quick and noticeable strength gains, but also because very little is required in the way of equipment. Since the program consists of only five lifts, none of which involve machines, dumbbells, kettlebells or other fancy accessories, it can be easily followed in any minimally-equipped garage gym.

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Lifting and Power Belt Shopping Guide

Welcome to the long-overdue guide for leather power belts. If you’re currently in the market, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be going over some of the top leather power belt options, and a couple of the better budget leather belts too.

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Rogue Euro Barbell Review

First off, let me apologize to those of you who been patiently waiting to read this Rogue Euro review. I feel pretty bad about having announced the Euro and XF review a couple months ago only to not get them completed in a timely manner. I won’t get too into it, but suffice it to say that I had an injury that prohibited me from thoroughly testing bars, and since I don’t write fiction there was simply nothing that I could do about it other than let things heal. So again, sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience.

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AB SS WOD Bar Review

In the last couple months, I’ve been asked about the American Barbell Stainless Steel WOD Bar more that I’ve been asked about any other bar. Why? Because the price for this bar is just stupid low. Stainless steel bars are never sold for $299, and people want to know whether this bar is legit or not.

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New Training Gear and Equipment - 2015

As you know, the strength training and CrossFit industry is booming. There never seems to be a shortage of new equipment, apparel, and shoes to check out. There’s training gear options galore!

Occasionally I like to take a look at all the new gear out there and find products that I think are worth making people aware of. You know, on the off chance they didn’t already know of them. Some of them are the newest versions of already popular product lines, others are just alternatives to existing products. It’s nothing complicated. I show you the product, flap my gums about it for a sec, then link to it so you can research it yourself if it appeals to you.

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