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Powerlifting Bar Reviews

Vulcan Stainless Steel Absolute Power Bare Review

This is the long-awaited review for Vulcan Strength’s new Stainless Steel Absolute Power Bar; the ridiculously strong, pleasantly aggressive, oxidation resistant beast that is literally 100% stainless steel – so long as you don’t count the end caps. One only has to look at the images of this bar to see that it’s a beautiful [...]


This is a comprehensive review for the Strength Shop Bastard Power Bar, a mid-range bar that can be purchased both in the USA and in most of Europe from one of Strength Shop’s many domains. The Bastard Power Bar retails for US$275 but it can be found on sale fairly regularly (at least that is [...]

Black Oxide Vulcan Absolute Power Bar 2.0 Review

Vulcan Strength recently upgraded their incredibly popular Absolute Power Bar to version 2.0. This is pretty exciting news because the Absolute was one hell of a power bar already, especially considering the strength of the steel relative to the price to your door. To discover that it could be made better without being more expensive [...]

Rogue Stainless Steel Ohio Power Bar Review

I absolutely love the Ohio Powerlifting line; both the Ohio Power Bars and the Ohio Deadlift Bar. I have both of these beasts in raw, unfinished steel, and both of them are on my ‘never sell these bars’ list. The natural feeling of the raw steel combined with the deep, aggressive knurl makes for two incredible training [...]

American Barbell Stainless Steel Elite Power Bar Review

This is a full review of the Elite Power Bar by American Barbell. This bar is one of only two semi-affordable, IPF-spec, stainless steel power bars currently on the market. In this review I will not only cover the specifications and features of the Elite, I will also compare it to that other semi-affordable, IPF-spec, [...]

Vulcan Absolute Power Bar review - Garage Gyms

This is an in-depth review of the Vulcan Absolute Power Bar; the black oxide and raw steel variant (the other variant being entirely stainless steel). While the two Absolute Power Bar variants are similar they are also very different, so this review is not quite as relevant when it comes to the SS Absolute. The [...]

New Bars & Gear this Fall - New Equipment

About a year ago, Rogue Fitness released the Ohio Power Bar; a bar that would completely replace the old Rogue Power Bar; Rogue’s only self-branded powerlifting bar. With only two unique power bars being sold by Rogue at the time (Rogue Power & Westside Power), and both of them having all-too-similar specifications, the addition of the Ohio Power was much [...]

CAP OB-86B Review - Olympic Barbell

This is a review of the infamous CAP OB-86B Olympic bar. The OB-86B is a fairly popular, lower-end import barbell sold at sporting good stores, online fitness outlets, and of course; Amazon. This bar retails for around $150-$160, and it’s the least expensive bar currently reviewed on this site. It’s no secret; I am no fan of the imported [...]

Bar review for the Super Power Bar

This is a review for the Super Power Bar, a high tensile strength, stainless steel power bar manufactured by American Barbell. Update: the AB Super Power Bar reviewed here no longer exists as a product. It has been replaced by the new Mammoth Power Bar. First I’d like to say that I hope a power bar will be [...]