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Good Mornings – Posterior Chain Training w/o Machines

Free-Weight Substitute/Alternative To: Selectorized/Seated Back Extension, Selectorized & Plate Loaded Leg Curls, Reverse Hypers, Machine Glute Kickbacks.

Main Muscles Worked: Low back, Hamstrings, Glutes, Abdominals.

Equipment Needed: barbell + weights

Instructions: Position the barbell on the back of your shoulders (not on top) much the same way you would position the barbell for a your squat. While keeping your back straight, bend at the hips to lower your torso forward until parallel to floor (or as low as possible considering your flexibility.) Raise torso until hips are extended.

One way to help maintain proper form while learning Good Mornings is to imagine pushing your butt directly behind you as bend at the hips, and then simply reverse direction on the way back up.

Starting Position for the Good Morning Barbell Exercise - bodybuilding.com image Bottom Position for the Good Morning Barbell Exercise - bodybuilding.com image

Comments (from ExRx.net): Begin with light weights (or no weight) and add additional weight gradually to allow for adaptation. Throughout the lift, keep back and knees straight. Do not lower weight beyond a mild stretch through hamstrings. Full range of motion will vary from lifter to lifter.

Many thanks to bodybuilding.com for their extensive exercise image & video collection.

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