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Need Help Finding a Garage Gym Gift for Someone?

Get help finding the perfect strength training gift

If you’re looking to get a friend or family-member a strength training or garage gym gift this year, but my gift guide didn’t give you any ideas and you still don’t know what to get, let me help! Maybe you already know what particular item that you want to get but don’t know which to get (brand, model, etc), I can help with that as well.

If you know enough about the recipient’s training to answer most of the questions towards the bottom of this page, fill out the contact form with the answers and I’ll see what I can do to point you in the right direction.

This is a completely free service. Believe it or not I get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing people are out there weight training and taking care of themselves. I also like to know that people are acquiring equipment that will help them achieve their goals rather than junk that will either not get used or need to be replaced time and time again.

The only thing I ask in return for my time is just a few seconds of your time by sharing my site somehow. It can be as simple as sharing the sites Facebook page, tweeting something nice, or even just telling a fitness buddy; doesn’t matter to me. The whole idea is to just help me grow the site a little, and how you do that is completely up to you. Fair enough?

Ok, here are the questions.

  1. How old is the recipient? Male or female?
  2. Do you know what kind of lifting the recipient does or is interested in beginning? General strength training? Olympic weightlifting? Powerlifting? CrossFit?
  3. Is the recipient an experienced lifter, or relatively new to weight training? Do you happen to know if they follow a particular program?
  4. Do you have any indication of what kind of equipment the recipient is looking for? Bars, weights, training shoes, lifting belt, accessories for existing equipment, etc.
  5. Do you have any idea what equipment they don’t need?
  6. Is there anything else you can think of that would be helpful in determining a great gift for this athlete?
  7. What is your budget?

Please double-check your email address. If it’s wrong, I won’t be able to reply.

If you have any trouble with the contact form, just direct an email to jburgeson@garage-gyms.com.