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Bent-Arm Barbell Pullovers – Minimal Equipment Lat Training

Free-Weight Substitute/Alternative To: Lat Pulldown, Lat Cable Pushdown, machine rows (ex. Hammer Strength Leverage High Row.)

Main Muscles Worked: Latissimus Dorsi, Pecs Major, Triceps, Teres Major, Posterior Deltoid, Rhomboids.

Other Exercise Names: Barbell Pullovers, Bent Arm Pullover.

Equipment Needed: flat utility bench + EZ curl bar + weights

You don’t have to use an EZ bar to perform pullovers, but using a full size Olympic bar will over-complicate the lift. You really want a shorter barbell for this movement. Alternatively, you can use dumbbells if you have heavy enough dumbbells at your disposal.

Instructions: Lie with your upper back perpendicular on bench with hips slightly flexed. Grab the barbell from behind and position it over your chest with your elbows bent about 90°. While keeping your elbows bent, lower the barbell over and just behind your head until your upper arms are parallel to torso. Return to the starting position and repeat for wreps.

Bent-Arm Barbell Pullovers - Hit the lats with no special equipment - image courtesy of bodybuilding.com

Many thanks to bodybuilding.com for their extensive exercise image & video collection.

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