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About Garage Gyms & a Little About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I created Garage Gyms with the goal of making this site a great resource for all things about garage gyms and home fitness. I want to bring all of the good information available out there about garage workouts to one place; where to buy reliable weightlifting and CrossFit equipment, things you should avoid, money saving projects others have been successful with, and so much more.

One of the best things I ever did for my own personal fitness (besides quitting smoking) was to abandon the global-gym and invest in my own weight-training equipment. I don’t wait in line to use the power rack at the gym anymore; I don’t have to drive to and from the gym, and the best part is that my initial garage gym equipment is already paid for itself in saved gym dues.

I’m always trying to improve my own gym with additional or upgraded equipment, or by finding better use of the limited space. I like to see what other people have done with their garage gyms and get ideas from them. I’ve even finally got my gym climate controlled after many years of lifting in the Texas heat.

I love my gym. I intend to continue to research how to make it and my workouts better, and my goal is to share the things I learn here with anyone interested. So please enjoy my articles and equipment reviews. I hope you pick up at least a little something you didn’t know already. And if at any time you feel like contributing by adding some comments, please feel free. Or, if you would like to suggest an article you’d be interested in reading about, you may do that as well.

If you do learn anything even remotely useful while you’re here, I would greatly appreciate you giving me a +1, Facebook follow, Tweet, or a share on whatever social media platform you prefer. It’s hard to get the word out without having to pay for it, so any help in that department is definitely appreciated.

If you are interested in having a piece of equipment reviewed; would like me to guest post; think you have an appropriate post you’d like to contribute; or are interested in partnering with me for advertising, you may contact me below. Please have spent enough time browsing around the site to get an idea of what would be appropriate to review, share, discuss, etc. Regarding reviews, I don’t sell them. Reviews will be honest. So if you’re trying to pass off junk to unsuspecting consumers, this is probably not the place to try and do that. I am one of those consumers.

Additional Review Info: The majority of the equipment that I review is purchased by me at full price. I am not generally offered a discount, nor do I ask for one. I buy my equipment the same way you guys do, online with a credit card.

However, there have been, and there no doubt will continue to be instances in which I am sent equipment and asked to review it (usually barbells.) I am very upfront and clear with any company that wants to do this that I will review the product just as if I paid for it. In other words, if the equipment sucks, I’m going to say it sucks.

Comment Policy: Your opinions are your opinions, and you are entitled to them whether I happen to agree with you or not. I do not filter out comments based on whether or not I like what you have to say, I only filter out comments that are spammy or promotional, malicious, or otherwise totally lacking in class.

Having said that, I get a crap load of spam every day, and I’ve had to enable some annoyances in order to keep it in check. I have both a captcha and a spam filter. The filter requires me to approve the first comment from each contributor, and every comment that contains a URL of any kind. You can include links to products you have a question about, but promotional links either in the comment or the URL field will not be approved. Be advised, I automatically and permanently block IP addresses of known spammers.

In order to avoid having to wait for your comment to be moderated after you’ve contributed once already, be sure to use the same email address that you used the first time you commented, and leave the URL field blank.

Questions? Yes, you can ask me questions if there is not an appropriate article for you to comment in. I love helping, and will answer any email that isn’t incomprehensible, spammy, or of a personal nature. Try to keep it reasonably to the point though as I do get my fair share of emails, and I do like to respond to them all.