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Inspirational Garage Gyms & Ideas Gallery Pg 9

I love digging around for images of other people’s garage gyms and home gyms. It’s easy to find all kinds of great ideas that I haven’t thought of yet. I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gyms; especially what brands. If you’re anything like me, more than half of these are going to make you jealous. So enjoy, share, and pin away!

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This basement gym (looks to be a basement) is total beast mode. Insane dumbbell collection #beastmodeon

Rogue Monster garage gym. Well done! #garagegym

Monolithic classic iron gym. What a heavenly place #gymlife

Mighty fancy dumbbell collection there, sport! #gymlife

The ultimate his and her matching Rogue RML-3 monster racks - Clicky to see it at Rogue #garagegym

Wall mounted rack, Concept2 rower, tire, and weights somewhere, right? Nice CrossFit set up

Excellent garage gym. Squat stand, platform, lots of space, and still room for the car

Just like garage-gyms own garage gym. No room for anything else. Nothing but gear

This is what I call an Upper Body Garage Gym. Abs, chins, bench... squats?

Very nice Rogue-equipped garage gym. Very clean and organized. Approved

All-American Olympic, CrossFit, and & Power Bars by American Barbell

Rogue'd out garage gym - deadlift platform, R3 power rack, bumpers and probably even the bar. #ryourogue #garagegym

Outdoor CrossFit home box? What's going on here? All this stuff getting dragged in and out regularly? #driveway

Stylized green garage gym. Not too shabby #gymlife

Basic CrossFit garage gym. Does that bar on the wall look bent? #garagegym

Garage gym, still need to make space for the tools and lawn mower #gymlife

All out Rogue Fitness fan - so much Rogue; all Rogue! #garagegym

No iron garage gym, but I could use this a couple days if I had to ;) #gymlife

Solid outdoor Rogue rig - love the height on the backside #backyardgym

Pretty solid Rogue garage gym CrossFit set up #CrossFit

Lap pool and yoke? Pretty bad ass #beastmode

Rogue Fitness - the leader in Crossfit and home gym equipment

Nice compact yet full set up - with AC even!

The T-Nation Forum Garage Gym

Rogue R6 rack with every possible specialty bar imaginable (look at right edge!) #roguefitness

Nice garage. Spared no expense on those comp bumpers, that's for sure #kilos #bumpers

Vulcan Strength Training Systems - Alpha Bumper Plates

Not a garage gym, but the Arnold wall art was worth sharing #gymlife #Arnold

Home Gym studio complete with power rack and full commercial cable crossover #homegym

Another His and Hers CrossFit garage gym #WOD #RogueFitness

All-American single car garage gym for Olympic weightlifting #WL #Olympic

Dedicated garage gym complete with flooring, rack, GHD, and bag #train #box

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