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Inspirational Garage Gyms & Ideas Gallery Pg 8

I love digging around for images of other people’s garage gyms and home gyms. It’s easy to find all kinds of great ideas that I haven’t thought of yet. I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gyms; especially what brands. If you’re anything like me, more than half of these are going to make you jealous. So enjoy, share, and pin away!

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Nice dedicated outdoor squat room. Is this a garage gym? Who knows, still cool

hardcore garage gym. Someone takes their lifting very seriously and that's badass

Probably not a home set up. Looks like the corner of an affiliate. Still, the flooring is badass, and so is the lifting platform. Could easily have the same set up in a garage

A rather fancy-pants home gym set up loaded with a bunch of commercial exercise equipment. I like the look, but the machines are meh. Where's the squat rack

WOD garage. Well equipped one-car garage with all the necessities for a Crossfit workout.. Also very bright!

What do you think? Think this gym is pretty much finished? Jeez #complete gym

Cars? What cars? - All out garage gym #committed

Killer strongman gym - atlas stones, farmers handles, kegs, tires, oh my #strongman

This CrossFit Garage Gym brought to you by Rogue #Roguefitness

Dude went all out on this garage gym flooring #gym flooring

Vulcan Strength - Equipment for CrossFit, Olympic WL, Powerlifting, and more

Aww, a powertec. Prior to Rogue coming along, these were pretty popular. Looks short to me. I'll stick with my Rogue rack

Very elaborate monkey bar set up. Lots of fitness to be performed here out in the sun. Cool

Full blown Rogue outdoor gym. Why it's outdoors, I have no idea, but it sure looks like a lot of fun to work out here

I'm not exactly sure what this rack is, but I have a feeling it's one of those resistance bands attachment frames. Kind of cool if it is. Takes up lots of space though

One hell of a Powerlifters garage gym - I love those chrome plated discs

Outdoor garage gym with really cool door for feeling like you're working out outside

This is one fancy ass garage gym. Other than the lack of equipment that I'd want, the actual garage itself is amazing

Quite the interesting gym; more for looks I would say. Maybe this belongs on Houzz rather than here at Garage Gyms!

Nice Rogue-equipped personal gym. R4 power rack, comp plates, and bars galore. I have the R4 myself

Absolutely beautiful grungy garage gym. All the necessities to go big

Vulcan Strength - Equipment for CrossFit, Olympic WL, Powerlifting, and more

Is this a living room gym? Really looks like a house, but no other furniture #home gym

Well equipped bedroom gym, complete with stall mat flooring #bedroom gym

Except for perhaps some squat stands, this is all the gym you need to get big #garagegym

Absolutely beautiful set up, very functional #trainathome

I don't really know if this is private, commercial or what, but it's completely bad ass #weightroom

American Barbell Olympic, Power, and CrossFit Bars

Very nice boxing studio - great flooring choice #gym flooring

garage gym box squat set up - great use of rubber mats #box squats

Private home gym with a nice artsy touch #tagged

Nice CrossFit Gym - great wood floors, R4 rack, even a rower

Dedicated iron shed gym - DIY platform even

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Part of the Rogue Barbell Line-up 2016 #RYouRogue