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Inspirational Garage Gyms & Ideas Gallery Pg 7

I love digging around for images of other people’s garage gyms and home gyms. It’s easy to find all kinds of great ideas that I haven’t thought of yet. I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gyms; especially what brands. If you’re anything like me, more than half of these are going to make you jealous. So enjoy, share, and pin away!

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Unfinished traditional garage gym - very organized. where's the power rack

garage-gyms images - Los Angeles home gym

I can't tell if this is an unfinished room or a garage. either way, cool gym

Stylish home gym with complimenting wood floors and equipment pad colors =p

Turn on the lights so we can see your gun rack, GHD, bumpers and so on. Looks nice

Vulcan Strength Training Systems - Alpha Bumper Plates

I love this power rack with all the colored electrical tape markings for the holes. Nice gym

This dark and gloomy basement gym has a hell of a dumbbell collection

Fancy home gym - check out the mini fridge with water built into the wall. pretty cool

badass view from this gym / cardio room

power rack, lifting platform both under and in front of the rack, and crazy clever bar and plate storage

American Barbell Olympic, Power, and CrossFit Bars

Where ever this outdoor gym is, it has beautiful mornings

This upscale basement gym has a water rower - how fun!

fully equipped basement gym with lat pulldown, rack, benches and dumbbells

simpe garage gym, well done

Conditioning garage gym - nice gear. battle rope, multiple bars

Committed Crossfitter. Has the whole Crossfit Games thing going on in his driveway. Amazing gym

Not really a weight-slinging gym, but its nice and classy. Some of us do cardio too

Oregon University - Ya so it's not a garage gym, but it's really badass and worth sharing

Simple one car garage gym - squat stand, bumpers, bench, kettle. WOD away

killer backyard gym with all the Rogue trimmings

clever idea for a DIY garage gym squat rack

Check out the padding on the GHD... Camo! Nice garage gym. Has everything needed to WOD

So what's to say? This garage gym has everything. This is a Crossfit and weightlifters dream garage

Some dude named Tim has a very well designed and set up garage gym with two rowers, a rack, bench, great flooring, and it's very organized. Very impressed

Here is another angle of Tim's garage gym. Again, as you can see it's very well done. I dig the flooring a lot, how the platform is seamless with the entire floor

Rogue Fitness - the leader in Crossfit and home gym equipment

Sports themed home gym with ample space. Seems to have more decoration than equipment. Hopefully it's a work in progress.

Classic garage gym. No frills, get it done type set up. Jealous of the leg press machine... one of the few machines I'd love to have access to at home in my garage

Crossfit WOD at home. Bad ass ceiling height in the fellows home. Lots of space for hanging rings and doing shit like muscle ups.

Outdoor gym, probably a back yard gym. Lots of DIY. Very well done pull-up rig and squat stand. Get your workout done at home on the cheap

Another DIY home gym. I can't decide if the fake window is tacky or cool. It's kind of a neat idea

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Vulcan Strength for bars, bumpers, kettlebells, racks, and all things strength training