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Inspirational Garage Gyms & Ideas Gallery Pg 5

I love digging around for images of other people’s garage gyms and home gyms. It’s easy to find all kinds of great ideas that I haven’t thought of yet. I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gyms; especially what brands. If you’re anything like me, more than half of these are going to make you jealous. So enjoy, share, and pin away!

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Doing handstands in the custom studio gym - Inspirational garage gyms

custom jerk boxes and lifting platform

Lots of cardio equipment. who's that dude?

Pretty respectable dumbbell collection

This is a very nice garage gym - very clean, organized, lots of gear. very very nice

Part of the Rogue Barbell Line-up 2016 #RYouRogue

Cool gym - Nice flooring, I wonder what that is

Looks like there is a lot of space in this garage - cool concept 2

Big home gym with futuristic looking cardio machines

Goes to show you that if you want a garage gym, you'll make it work

Nice Boxing gym in the garage

Do you have any grey poupon

home gym - meh

Very cool classic gym and punching bag

This gym has those interlocking floor tiles

Very nicely equipped basement gym for both lifting and cardio

Rogue Fitness - the leader in Crossfit and home gym equipment

Cool garage gym flooring. Very impressive style

Nice gym - Looks kind of dated but who knows. I'd still workout here

Nice gym studio - lots of mirrors

A garage gym made of car parts - great stuff

Another his and her garage gym

American Barbell Olympic, Power, and CrossFit Bars

Bumper plates, sand bags, squat stand.. great gym

Fully equipped Oly gym with dumbbells, platform, and plenty of space

very cool compact garage gym with a classic cinder block feel

hey bro can i do some lat pulldowns

I love these Rogue Fitness ads

Very nice private home gym workout area

inspirational garage gym images - nice small home gym

Well equipped home boxing studio gym

Nice vintage style home gym

Ok not a home gym, but inspirational nonetheless

Garage Gyms Idea Gallery – page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Vulcan Strength for bars, bumpers, kettlebells, racks, and all things strength training