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Garage Gym Inspirations & Ideas Gallery Pg 2

I love digging around for images of other people’s garage gyms and home gyms. It’s easy to find all kinds of great ideas that I haven’t thought of yet. I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gym; especially what brands. If you’re anything like me, more than half of these are going to make you jealous. So please enjoy, share, and pin away!

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This guy is totally committed to his garage gym

Very nice non-garage home gym

These lucky duck has an AC

GHD equipped garage gym. Very nice

This is probably not a garage gym, but it's very cool

American Barbell Olympic, Power, and CrossFit Bars

Another nice Rogue gym

Looks like a basement gym

Wow lots and lots of bumper plates

This makes me jealous. Look at all that space in this garage

Lots and lots of dumbbells in this room

Dedicated Garage Gym

A garage gym with a rock climbing wall

Lots of DIY in this great gym

How tech - Homemade squat stands

nice garage gym - Power lifter much?

Rogue Fitness - the leader in Crossfit and home gym equipment

I like this garage gym. Very simple and organized

Solid, space-saving 1-car garage gym. Fully loaded

This kind of set up makes me like squat stands

Rogue sure makes some great gym equipment

Yet another Rogue equipped gym. Spiffy

Maybe not a garage gym, but it looks close to the garage door maybe

Very nice set up here. Very nice indeed

Wall mounted Rogue rack

Rogue Olympic bench there on the right. Cool

This is not a garage gym - but it could be

Nice home gym studio with machines, rack and punching bag

Frozen home gym - that sucks

Classic Iron Gym - Very dark and gloomy and bad ass

Sweet Rogue outdoor setup - huge power rack, bumper plates, you name it

Classic gymnastics gymnasium

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