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Inspirational Garage Gyms & Ideas Gallery Pg 10

Page 10 of the Garage Gyms’ Inspirational Gym Gallery! There is no shortage of well-equipped garage gyms out there now, and I still love finding new ones to see what people are doing, what equipment they go with, which brands they prefer, and so on. I have a pretty nice gym myself, but I still get damn jealous at some of these. Feel free to save them, pin them, share them, whatever. Enjoy! Oh yeah, please share garage-gyms.com – it’s much appreciated!

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This is a dated photo of one corner of the Garage-Gyms' official garage gym.

Cali Garage Gym - submitted via facebook.com/garagegyms

Complete outdoor box set-up. Oly platform even. I wouldn't think that would be weatherproof

Garage gym with Lynx wall-mounted rack, submitted via the garage-gyms facebook page

Rogue RML-3W-equipped garage gym. Train away, then fold it up

Vulcan Strength Training Systems - Alpha Bumper Plates

40'5" version of the RML-3W Folding Power Rack - Folds away to make room for the car.

Large garage gym - wall-mounted power rack, platform, and a lot of space to move around

Rogue Wall Rack with well-designed platform. Nice garage gym

Leo's Powertec economy garage gym with words of inspiration overwhelming the senses

who needs weights - I never liked those rims on my car anyway!

Vulcan Strength - Equipment for CrossFit, Olympic WL, Powerlifting, and more

Economy Garage Gym - Fitness on a tight budget, yet very well equipped

Private outdoor Rogue rigging system - CrossFit on your own time, in your own backyard

Bedroom gym equipped with HI-Temps and the Slim Gym wall rack

Nice ride, nice rack - Platform mounted Rogue R-3 Power Rack

Huge Garage Gym - Complete with both rack and rigging, GHD, dumbbells, and pretty much everything

Looks like more of a CrossFit Box than a Garage Gym, but I like the DIY barbell gun racks. Could be done for a home gym as well

Anchored Rogue R3 Half Rack Conversion, same set-up as mine - Only I don't lift signs ;)

Quite the office. Rogue rack, jerk blocks, Oly bar, and Abrams 2.0

Classic studio gym, very spacious and clean.

Inspiring Garage Gym Images – page 1 | 2 | 3 | 45 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Rogue Fitness - Racks, Bumpers, Belts, Bars & More.