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Garage Gym Organization – Maximizing the Limited Space

garage gym organization - clean it up

Keeping your garage stuff out of your garage gym is easier said than done. Just because we’ve set up shop in our garages doesn’t mean all the stuff that was kept in the garage gets to go inside (especially if you’re married). If you’re like me, you would love to have 100% of the garage reserved for the gym; unfortunately it isn’t going to work out that way.

The good news is that you can organize in such a way that garage looks more like a gym than a garage. If you walked into my garage gym you’d notice that about 80% of my garage is either gym equipment or empty floor space to work out in. I basically added shelves, track hooks, and got organized. You may have most stuff to store than I do, but you can still organize well enough to have at least half of a two-car garage for your gym.

I’m going to list some ideas to help you get organized. Keep in mind that you have two things to organize. First the stuff that was already in the garage and has to stay in the garage; typical garage stuff like garden equipment and tools. Second, you have to keep your gym organized as well. You can’t be throwing dumbbells and plates all over the limited floor space. They need to have a place.

Garage Gym Organization – Garage Stuff

Let’s start with ways to organize the non-gym stuff that needs to stay in the garage.

Rubbermaid FastTrack

Organize your wall with track hooks

Rubbermaid Fasttrack

Wall space is often overlooked as a storage option. This particular system is called FastTrack and it’s a pretty inexpensive way to organize. There is a large variety of hooks and baskets available for this system and a couple different size tracks; though you could cut them to any size you need). I personally have one long track for garden equipment and another shorter track for gym equipment like resistance bands, jump ropes, and my climbing gear; it’s pretty cool.

In any case, it doesn’t have to be the Fasttrack brand, that’s just the one I am most familiar with. Both Lowes and Home Depot sell a couple different versions of this type of storage system though.

Hanging Storage

Overhead Storage for Garage Gym Organization

Overhead storage for rarely used items

Consider doing something like this to get rarely used items out of the way. Install hanging storage on the opposite side of the garage that you have or intend to have your gym equipment. The hardware stores sell all kinds of hanging storage options, but if you’re feeling fancy or you just don’t want to install it yourself you can get these installed custom. Just Google for garage storage or garage organization in your area. Those guys always have pictures of the work crew hanging from their installation. Just watch, you’ll see.

Build Some Shelves

Build some shelves to help organize your garage

The simplest solution of all – get some shelves

If you’re willing to put in the work, you can build some shelves; or you can also just go to the hardware store and buy shelves. Building them is great though because you can customize them completely and get the best use out of the available space. Additionally, well-built shelves look a lot nicer than those metal wire and frame shelves they sell at the hardware stores. I have some of those and believe me, they are ugly.

Garage Gym Organization – The Gym

So now we’ll look at ways we can keep the gym side of the garage organized. I keep my gym organized and it’s a real treat every day when I go work out to not walk into a mess.

A lot of this stuff is from Rogue. They have a huge selection of really high quality stuff for a lot better prices than the lower quality alternatives you can find on Amazon or at Academy. Rogue makes commercial quality equipment at consumer prices. Don’t take my word for it though, definitely shop around if you see something you’d like to buy for your gym.

Gun Rack – Barbell Storage

Rogue gun rack for barbell wall storage and organization

Rogue Gun Rack – Get those bars off the ground – $52-$98

This is a nice alternative to the usual bar holders that take up floor space. The Rogue Gun Rack is probably sturdier than it needs to be being that it’s made out of 7-gauge steel. You can buy it either with or without the plastic protective lining. I strongly suggest that you don’t buy it without; it’s only 50 more bucks and it prevents metal-on-metal contact between the bar and the rack. Don’t scratch up your bars over $50.

Ader Olympic Barbell Rack

Ader Barbell Rack holds 9 Olympic barbells - $113

Ader Barbell Rack holds 9 Olympic barbells – $113

If you don’t have the wall space for the previous Gun Rack, this fits nicely away in a corner. It costs a little bit more than its wall-mounted counterpart, but if you need for your barbell storage to be on the ground, what choice do you have? Actually you may have an alternative. Check with the manufacturer of your power cage and see if they offer a single bar storage sleeve add-on. Many of them do.

Body Solid Medicine Ball Storage

Body-Solid Medicine Ball Organization Rack

Body-Solid Medicine Ball Storage – $115

This Medicine Ball Storage by Body-Solid has a very small footprint. Use it for slamballs, medicine balls, or even your basketballs. It takes up very little space and is an attractive rack. It holds both standard medicine balls and the dual grip medicine balls. The price above is Amazon so consider that an approximation.

Vertical Plate Tree

Rogue Vertical Plate Tree

Vertical Plate Tree – $175

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of these trees at the gyms. I have one of these very same models and it’s a blessing. Prior to buying this I tried to neatly stack bumper plates off in the corner; it sucked. This single item did wonders for my floor space.

The Rogue Vertical Plate Tree has a footprint of 24″ x 26″ and can hold 1200 lbs. You can’t fit 1200 lbs on it so there you go. Notice from the picture that the top two pins only hold small plates (up to a 10 lb steel plate).

Kettlebell Storage Rack

Kettlebell Storage for your gym

Kettlebell Storage – $485 for 2-tier, $625 for 3-tier

The Rogue Universal Storage System is a 66″ x 21″ steel rack that can be purchased to hold either kettlebells or dumbbells (or both). It is available in a 2-tier rack (pictured) or 3-tier rack. The frame is 11 gauge steel and the platforms are 3/8″ steel. It has a weight capacity of 3400 pounds and each tray can hold up to 12 70-lb kettlebells. If you have a lot of kettles lying around your gym floor, consider this as a way to clean that up.

Rogue 3-tier Dumbbell Rack

Rogue Dumbbell Rack - Garage Gym

Rogue 3-tier Dumbbell Storage Rack – $800

I would kill for one of these racks. This is an area I have not yet addressed in my gym. I have dumbbells neatly placed in a line on the floor and it’s not cool. The Rogue 3-tier DB Rack is about 8 feet long and 30 inches deep. It holds 15 pairs of dumbbells and has very nice plastic saddles for the bells to rest in.

I have this dumbbell rack listed in my Gifts for Weightlifters post too; that’s how much I like this thing (hint hint).


If you get a minute, check out the whole storage category at Rogue. There are dozens of items I didn’t have space to list here that may be perfect for your situation.

It takes a little work and a little cash to get organized, but I promise it’s worth it. Every time I make an improvement in my organization I love my garage gym just a little more. If you have anything to contribute to this article, please leave a comment. If you have a moment still, please take a look at some of my equipment review blogs and share them if you like them. Thanks!

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