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Cerakote California Bar Full Review

Last spring I published a full review of the California Bar; American Barbell's flagship WOD bar. If you happened to read that review then you already know that I discovered it to be a great mid-range WOD bar with a long list of pros. I found the overall quality, reliability, and performance to be outstanding for such a reasonably priced [...]

Bar Review - the Stainless Steel Ohio Bar

This is a review of the new Stainless Steel Ohio Bar from Rogue Fitness. In this article I'll go over the SS Ohio's technical specs, the benefits of stainless steel, knurl pattern, sleeve rotation, and whip. I'll also compare the SS Ohio to the American Barbell SS bars, comment on comparisons to other SS bars, and finally I'll [...]

Vulcan Bars - A Comprehensive Guide to the Extensive Collection

With the increasing popularity of Vulcan Strength's bars and the seemingly endless expansion of their barbell collection, it seemed about time for a comprehensive buyer's guide. Questions, comments, and your own feedback is welcome in the comments section following the article, as your opinions are just as important as mine - if not more so. In [...]

Ohio Deadlift Bar (ODB) Bar Review - Garage-Gyms.com

This is a review for the new Ohio Deadlift Bar from Rogue Fitness - an extra long, high whip power bar built exclusively for heavy deadlifts. A bar that; as I think most of you will agree; rivals both the Okie and Texas deadlift bars not only in specifications, but also in price. Rogue Fitness went from hinting about making a [...]

Eleiko Power Lock Olympic Bar Reveal

The new Eleiko Power Lock is a unique and rather interesting take on the classic Eleiko Training Bar. Matter of fact, the Power Lock is really just a variant of the Eleiko Training Bar. They share the same hardware, same specifications, and same high level of performance, only the new Power Lock has different sleeves - really cool looking sleeves [...]

New Bars & Gear this Fall - New Equipment

About a year ago, Rogue Fitness released the Ohio Power Bar; a bar that would completely replace the Rogue Power Bar; Rogue's only self-branded powerlifting bar. With only two unique power bars being sold by Rogue at the time (Rogue Power & Westside Power), and both of them having all-too-similar specifications, the addition of the Ohio Power Bar was [...]


CAP OB-86B Olympic Bar Review

CAP OB-86B Review - Olympic Barbell

This is a review of the infamous CAP OB-86B Olympic bar. The OB-86B is a fairly popular lower-end import bar sold at sporting good stores, online fitness outlets, and of course, Amazon. This bar retails for around $140-$150, and it's the least expensive bar currently reviewed on this site. It's no secret; I am no fan of the imported [...]

Bar review for the Super Power Bar

This is a review for the Super Power Bar, a high tensile strength, stainless steel power bar manufactured by American Barbell. First I want to say that I hope a power bar will be a welcomed addition to the collection of barbell reviews here at Garage Gyms. The bars that generally get attention on this site are either [...]


One of the most commonly followed strength training programs for those working out in a garage gym is Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength, a simple and effective strength training program that focuses exclusively on compound barbell movements. Starting Strength (SS) is popular not only because it offers relatively quick and noticeable strength gains, but also because very little is required in the [...]

Rogue Euro Barbell Review

First off, let me apologize to those of you who been patiently waiting to read this Rogue Euro review. I feel pretty bad about having announced the Euro and XF review a couple months ago only to not get them completed in a timely manner. I won't get too into it, but suffice it to say that I had an injury that prohibited [...]