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Equipment Reviews

Cerakote California Bar Full Review

Last spring I published a full review of the California Bar; American Barbell's flagship WOD bar. If you happened to read that review then you already know that I discovered it to be a great mid-range WOD bar with a long list of pros. I found the overall quality, reliability, and performance to be outstanding for such a reasonably priced [...]

Vulcan Absolute Comp Plates versus the new KG Training Plates

Athletes who focus their training around the two explosive Olympic lifts have a tendency to buy higher performance, more dependable training equipment than athletes who don't Olympic lift at all; items like whippy, 28 mm bearing bars, competition-style bumper plates, and $200+ shoes. They buy this expensive equipment not just because of the edge that it can [...]

Bar Review - the Stainless Steel Ohio Bar

This is a review of the new Stainless Steel Ohio Bar from Rogue Fitness. In this article I'll go over the SS Ohio's technical specs, the benefits of stainless steel, knurl pattern, sleeve rotation, and whip. I'll also compare the SS Ohio to the American Barbell SS bars, comment on comparisons to other SS bars, and finally I'll [...]

Vulcan Absolute Power Bar review - Garage Gyms

This is an in-depth review of the Vulcan Absolute Power Bar, one of two powerlifting bars offered by Vulcan Strength. The Absolute is a relatively new addition to the bar market. It's a dashing, high strength, IPF-spec'd bar that has all of the standard features that you'd expect from a premium powerlifting bar - strong, 29 mm shaft; [...]

Review for Rogue's Competition Olympic Kilo Collars

I recently purchased a pair of Rogue's new Olympic Competition Collars and have been using them for about a month now. I thought I'd spend a few minutes going over some of the finer points of these collars while also giving you my opinion of them - you know, just in case you have these on your radar. To give [...]

Rogue Donnie Thompson Fatbell Review

A few months back I picked up a couple pairs of the Thompson Fatbells. After having spent a good amount of time messing around and training with these bad boys, I figured I'd spend a few minutes telling you what I think about them. For those of you who have no idea what a Fatbell even is, well they [...]

Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plate Review - Versatile & Unique Basic Bumpers

I hate to ruin the surprise right out of the gate, but the Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates are probably the most unique, versatile, and reasonably priced bumper plates currently on the market, and I'm extremely excited about finally getting to review them. Of course, I realize that there are more exiting things to actually read about than bumper plates, [...]

Eleiko Power Lock Olympic Bar Reveal

The new Eleiko Power Lock is a unique and rather interesting take on the classic Eleiko Training Bar. Matter of fact, the Power Lock is really just a variant of the Eleiko Training Bar. They share the same hardware, same specifications, and same high level of performance, only the new Power Lock has different sleeves - really cool looking sleeves [...]

Inzer Forever belt versus Pioneer Double Suede - Belt Review

If you've been lifting for any length of time, you undoubtedly know about the Inzer Forever Power Belt and the Pioneer Double Suede Power Belt. You may also know that there is no shortage of praise and positive reviews for both of these belts; so much so that telling you that these belts are awesome wouldn't exactly be breaking [...]

Lat & Tri pulley system by Spud Inc.

A few months ago I picked up what is easily one of the greatest and most reasonably priced garage gym accessories available; the Lat & Tricep Pulley from Spud Inc. I believe that this cable system is hands down the best $85 that I've spent on a piece of equipment in a long time and I felt that [...]