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Gym Equipment Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Every holiday season I keep a list of all the important Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and this is that list. As information on those sales becomes available, I will update this article. So check back! Vulcan will have a lot of stuff on sale for Black Friday. Examples include (most include free shipping as well): [...]

Vulcan Bars - A Comprehensive Guide to the Extensive Collection

With the increasing popularity of Vulcan Strength's bars and the seemingly endless expansion of their barbell collection, it seemed about time for a comprehensive buyer's guide. Questions, comments, and your own feedback is welcome in the comments section following the article, as your opinions are just as important as mine - if not more so. In [...]

Deadlift Shoe Showdown - Review and Compare SABO, Reebok, Converse, more

What shoes do you deadlift in? Do you have actual deadlift shoes, or do you pull in regular sneakers? Perhaps you use your Oly shoes, or maybe you just pull barefoot. Does it even matter? It does matter! You should be just as concerned with what shoes that you're wearing when deadlifting as you are when [...]

The search for the best squatting shorts to train in

That's right, I've been searching high and low for the perfect pair of gym shorts. A pair of shorts to train in that are comfortable, lightweight, flexible, preferably affordable, and short enough to squat in without having to worry about material catching on the knees or sticking to the thighs. Bonus features would include moisture-wicking, breathable, [...]

Guide to Wall-Mounted Folding Racks

Folding wall racks are a great space saving alternative to full-size power racks for athletes who want to train in their garage, but who still need to be able to pull the car in after a workout. Folding racks require only some empty wall space and a few inches of floor space to store, yet they open up into a full-size rack that's [...]

Gift Ideas for Weightlifters and CrossFitters

As is the tradition, I have created a list of Christmas gift ideas for those of you that have a lifter on their shopping list. I've considered the CrossFitter, weightlifters, and the regular ol' gym rat. There's something for everyone! The first section consists of fairly substantial gift ideas; $50 or more. In a few cases, [...]

Lifting and Power Belt Shopping Guide

Welcome to the long-overdue guide for leather power belts. If you're currently in the market, then you've come to the right place. I'll be going over some of the top leather power belt options, and a couple of the better budget leather belts too. What I'll basically do here is give the big pros and cons of each belt option, offer [...]

Specialty weightlifting bars shopping guide

There is a great variety of specialty weightlifting bars on the market to supplement your workouts with. Maybe you've already seen some weird looking bar at one of the gyms and wondered what it was called, what it was for, or where you could get one. I'm going to give you a brief tour of [...]

Change Plate and Fractional Plate Buyers Guide

So far I feel that I have bars, bumpers, and racks pretty well covered on this site. I'm certain you can find something useful here if you're shopping for one of these core home gym pieces. What I haven't covered very well to date are change plates. Since it's likely that just about every lifter will ultimately find themselves in the [...]

Women's Olympic Barbell Review and Shopping Guide

Welcome to the Women's Olympic Barbell Guide. This article is more or less an extension of my original Barbell Guide, only the focus here is on women's 15 kg barbells instead of what is mostly 20 kg bars in the original. The original guide has a very thorough opening section that explains the basics of barbell construction [...]